Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunny Last Days

I broke the drill but Mike and Tom were able to fix it and work could continue (darn...)

Surrounded by sunshine

People thought our mosaic medallions were an improvement to the previous wooden ones

Piece number 155 (the last one!)

Friday, May 20, 2011


There is a Corvette show this weekend at the center, we got to see over 100 vintage corvettes arriving, it was awesome! But check out the cool Honda!

Beautiful New Jersey

Rainy Days at the Beach

Mosaika camping trip!

Unfortunately, our tent leaks

Trying a new method, slightly more successful (because it wasn't really raining anymore...)

And at the end of the day, sun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boris' Birthday!

Boris' friend for the day, with surprising skulls on her shell.

Birthday cake for the birthday boy

Happy Birthday Boris!!

Boris represin' wildwood colours.

The artist, Tom Nussbaum

he came with a Volvo toolbox, including a shopvac that we are using to suck the water out of the rounds for the medallions.

The bronze madellion that is installed at the entrance of the convention center, facing the artwork (the mosaics and the railings), explains the inspiration for the artwork

The boardwalk, and beyond the fog, the ocean.
And he took us to a place with the best crab cakes ever (because their only ingredients were crab, yummmm)

grouting in the parking lot

After grouting, drying on the lawn.  This drew a lot of attention to what we were doing... if only we could install mosaics in grass, they look so good!
Under the boardwalk, most likely our coolest storage space ever!

Welcome to the Jersey Shore!

The famous and very long (and mostly shuttered until Memorial Day Weekend) boardwalk

The convention center where our medallions are going.  We don't know those people but they're very enthusiastic about mosaics!

They look pretty nice in the rain, despite the problem of rain